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Large Commercial customers are advised to work directly with generation suppliers servicing their area who can help tailor a specific plan that fits your businesses needs. Please request a quote directly from your service provider or Request a quote from Dynegy today.

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A few things you should know:

Choosing an energy supplier will not change your local utility company. Your local utility will still:

  • Provide service and maintain the lines in your area.
  • Receive and respond to problems or issues related to your electricity.
  • Send you one energy bill (in most cases)

When you choose an alternative electric supplier, you are choosing a company other than your local utility to “supply” your energy, but your local utility still “delivers” that electricity to your home or business. In most cases, you’ll still receive one bill from your local utility, only now your bill will list your supply charges coming from your chosen alternative supplier instead of from your local utility.

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