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What is an alternative supplier?

In Ohio, you have the right to choose the electric or natural gas supplier that provides the generation portion of your energy. This is different from the delivery of electricity or natural gas to your home or business, which will continue to be handled by your local utility company even if you choose an alternative supplier. If you don’t choose an alternative supplier, then by default your local utility company will be automatically assigned to provide both the generation and delivery of your electricity and natural gas.

All alternative suppliers must be certified by The Public Utilities Commision of Ohio (PUCO) prior to selling electricity to residents and businesses. The process in intended to ensure that each supplier is qualified to provide electricity in Ohio.

How can I find out which alternative suppliers are available in my area?

Once you select the local utility company that is currently servicing your home or business, the Supplier Comparison Tool will automatically display all competitive retail suppliers in your area, as well as all plans each is currently offering, as the suppliers have reported to PUCO.

If I choose an alternative supplier, do I receive two bills?

In most cases, you’ll still receive one single bill from your local utility company. The generation portion provided by your chosen alternative supplier will be listed on that bill as a separate line item.

If I choose an alternative supplier, whom do I call about issues or questions related to my electric or natural gas service?

Your local utility company will continue to deliver the electricity or natural gas to your home or business, so you should continue to contact them if you have questions or issues, such as losing power or gas.

What is the Price to Compare?

The Price to Compare is a baseline number calculated by taking the total amount you would no longer pay your local utility company for the generation portion of your electric supply if you choose an alternative supplier, and dividing that amount by the kilowatt hours used.

How can I be sure the information in this Supplier Comparison Tool is reliable and accurate?

The information used in the Supplier Comparison Tool is drawn directly from The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and is updated weekly. The Dynegy online Supplier Comparison Tool was designed to organize and display the PUCO information in a way that is easier to understand and provides an at-a-glance snapshot of all certified electric and natural gas suppliers competing for your business in your area.

  • Clear apples-to-apples comparison of electric and natural gas suppliers
  • Current plans, rates and terms available in your area
  • Easy-to-understand charts and descriptions
  • Regular updates
  • Verified for accuracy
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